Sarah & Evan at Glen Cove Mansion

Sarah & Evan September 2, 2018

When we asked Sarah and Evan to answer a few questions to help us write a blog about their wedding, they came back with such beautifully written perfection.  We couldn’t find it in us to change a single word.  Here is what they wrote about how they met, their proposal and their spectacular wedding day.

Sarah was an angel - a truly radiant angel. And Evan was a young, hotshot cowboy... it was Halloween, by the way. Just a couple of New York University college students finding love by accident and sharing a brief "Hi, nice to meet you," before getting swept away by their respective friends at the crowded party. The next day, Evan took a chance and sent Sarah a message to try to get to know more about her than just her name. After exchanging messages back and forth for nearly 6 hours that day, Evan invited Sarah to meet his roommate's puppy that night, and they never looked back.

Evan anticipated a beautiful spring day in late April for his and Sarah’s first picnic of the season. On the date of choice, they awoke to an unexpectedly rainy day. Despite that Evan hates the rain, he insisted upon keeping their picnic plans, as the ring was burning a hole in his pocket and he just couldn’t wait any longer. Sarah was a bit confused as to why Evan was firmly insisting that they keep their picnic plans in the inclement weather, but she went along with it anyway. By the time they arrived at Carl Schurz Park, the rain had lightened up to just a mist and the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, creating a beautiful backdrop for the big moment. Evan presented a scrapbook commemorating the five years of their relationship, the last page of which displayed caricatures of Evan down on one knee, proposing to Sarah. Sarah then put the book down to find real-life Evan down on one knee! After allowing Sarah a few moments to sob, Evan confirmed that Sarah accepted his proposal and they popped some bubbly, ate some cheese, and were too elated to even notice the drizzle around them anymore. 

The wedding day was truly a dream come true! Rain was supposed to ruin another special, momentous day for them, but thankfully, they were graced with a gorgeous summer day. The ceremony felt like a fairy tale, complemented by sunny skies, friends and family, and floral arrangements that perfectly fulfilled Sarah’s vision. The reception was equally stunning and unforgettable, from their Foo Fighters first dance, to the cotton candy-filled finale, and everything in between.

It was a day filled with so much love and joy, and we truly would not change a thing!

Congratulations Sarah & Evan, and thanks for doing my writing work for me!

Venue: Glen Cove Mansion

DJ: After Hours

Flowers: Dalsimer & Peck

Dress: Jaehee Bridal (Justin Alexander)

Tux: Custom Tux

Shoes: Badgley Mischka

Make-up: Salon Icon (Raya)

Hair: Salon Icon (Oren)