Nicole & Eric at Crescent Beach Club

Nicole & Eric      April 21, 2018

One night while waiting for their friends to arrive at a restaurant, Nicole and Eric struck up a conversation and just clicked.  The beginning of their relationship was not easy though since it started off as a long distance one.  For their first two years together Eric was primarily in the Middle East working as an engineer aboard navy ships. 

After dating for about three years, Eric planned on proposing at a New York Ranger’s hockey game.  Even though that was the plan, Eric’s nerves about bringing the ring there got the best of him. He decided it would be better to wait until after the game.  Eric made the moment even more special by first waking up Nicole’s two daughters and asking their permission to marry their mother.  When they both said yes, he then officially asked Nicole to be his wife. 

Nicole describes their wedding day as amazing and everything they had hoped for.  The best part for them is that they were able to fully enjoy themselves for the entirety of their wedding reception. 

“We had the best time and enjoyed being with each other and everyone who came and celebrated with us.” - Nicole

Congratulations to the happy couple!


Crescent Beach Club

Flowers: Flowers By Brian

DJ: Variety Music

Makeup: Victoria Elizabeth

Dress: Bridal ReflectionsSteven Yearick

Tuxedo: Joseph A Bank